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Dry drawing machines

Dry drawing equipment, wire rod preparation equipment, spoolers and coilers.


We do design and manufacture dry and wet drawing machines for the most unique and diversified applications and various steel grades.

Our dry drawing machines are suitable for low and high carbon products as well as stainless steel. Wet drawing machines are available with 11 drafts up to 28 drafts. All our machines can be combined with spoolers, coilers, inverted coilers.

Please see our drawing lines dedicated section for further information.      


Stranding machines

Rope cabling & stranding equipment. Double twist machines. Control cable wrapping machines.


WPM designs and builds a wide range of cabling and stranding machines for the production of steel wire ropes.

We do specialize in double twist machines and do manufacture tubular stranders and closers for the larger ropes.

Our high performance double twist machines can be configured as in-out or out in machines depending on the spool size and rope diameter.

Please see our cabling and stranding machines  dedicated section for further information.

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WPM Trading FZE

WPM Trading FZE is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing and trading equipment dedicated to the steel wire industry. WPM is the one stop shop for all your wire equipment needs. We offer technological consulting and manufacturing training on numerous wire products. 


NEW PRODUCT ADDITION - Wire drawing dies and lubricants

WPM Trading is happy to inform that in the next weeks it will be able to offer in addition to its product range also wire drawing lubricants and dies. WPM has selected prime suppliers for innovative and high performance wire drawing dies designs and innovative wire drawing lubricants suitable for low, medium and high carbon applications to be distributed in the GCC area.

Please check back with us in the next days for more details as we are preparing the new web pages with all the details on these products.

WPM trading is now the one stop company in the GCC for all you needs in steel wire manufacturing:

  • production machinery
  • lubes
  • dies and TC rolls
  • process optimization consulting
  • auxiliaries and spools
  • pointers and welders

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Consulting services, know how and technical services.

Our company history starts from wire manufacturing. Our staff has long experience in the wire industry and in particular has extensive wire manufacturing experience that is directly transferred into our equipment.

With the experience package that we have we offer the best practical advise in equipment selection and can suggest improvements in your manufacturing practices.

Our tutoring services can offer wire drawing classes, stranding classes and process management classes. In addition to this we can supply in particular,  technical know how, for PC strand and Tyre cord manufacturing.

Please see our consulting services section for further information.

The range of equipment that we propose is the most complete in the industry.


Auxiliary equipment, ancillary equipment and process support equipment.

Every wire drawing mill needs all sorts of auxiliary equipment.

WPM Trading has selected a range of high quality and competitively priced suppliers that manufacture:

  • Wire pointers
  • Wire welders
  • Die refurbishing machines
  • Spools fixed and collapsible type
  • Tubular wire carriers
  • Cooling towers
  • Acid treatment plants
  • Packing machines
  • Spool tilters
  • Strapping machines
  • Power distribution centers
  • Air compressors and much more..
  • Cranes

Please see our auxiliary equipment dedicated section for further information.