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WPM Trading was established in 2013 with the aim of being a competitive, technically advanced supplier and manufacturer of wire processing equipment. Our company designs equipment in Europe and in the UAE, manufactures the various components in Europe and Asia , the machines are assembled and tested in our plant in Italy.

This organization allows us to be able to manufacture wire processing equipment with the highest quality standards and propose them at prices that are extremely competitive and that cannot be matched by any other Western  manufacturer.

All our electronic equipment are sourced from Siemens, Allen Bradley, Telemecanique. 

We do closely cooperate with some of the major European equipment manufacturers that do supply us with some specific machines designs or that have granted us the  exclusive possibility to make some of their equipment under license.

Our technical services are supplied in cooperation with our Italian partner and our local partner in the U.A.E. that owns a manufacturing plant where we can train our customers who wish to learn about wire drawing, pickling and PC strand manufacturing. We do have agreements with other wire or rope manufacturers that can host our customers for hands-on training on our machines.