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WPM cold rolling lines have been a worldwide best seller for the past 15 years.

Our double and triple block cold rolling lines have been adopted instantly by all the major producers of cold rolled products due to the unmatched performances and due the simplicity of the machine  in terms of usage and maintenance.

The latest models of our machines are now equipped with noise abatement covers making them not only the highest performing machines but also the machines with the lowest level of noise.

Our cold rolling machines can be combined with either an horizontal spooler or a double vertical spooler with semi automatic spool change over system or even with a bar straightening and cutting system.

The particular design of these lines allow the installation of 4 rolling cassettes at the same time. While only two cassettes can be used simultaneously, with this system it is possible to switch from one diameter to the other in a matter of minutes without the need to replace the rolling cassette. It is only sufficient to open the rolls of the cassette that will not be used and close the rolls of the one to be put into service.

The same machines can be fitted with die-boxes.

The line is equipped with a sturdy vertical payoff, especially designed to be able to payoff at very high speed large diameter wire rods up to 16 mm.  The payoff speed and the payoff itself are essential part of the line as it would not be possible to achieve the performances without being able to feed the line at the correct speed.