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Machines for concrete reinforcement steel

WPM trading can offer complete PC strand, PC wire and cold rolling lines.

PC strand lines:

PC strand is used as a reinforcement product for concrete beams and precast concrete structures. It is a high carbon product that is composed by 7 wires that are stranded together and then stretched ad heat treated in order to obtain the low relaxation property.

These lines are available in three different sizes:

The CLR 900, the CRL 1120 and the CRL 1250.  The lines differ by the possibility of loading a spool of 900, 1120 or 1250 mm. The heat treatment of the strand is performed by an induction furnace that can be sized up to 1000 kW in power.

The strand is rewound on a lay by lay spooler in order to obtain a perfectly wound package.

PC wire lines:

PC wire is a similar product of PC strand but it is composed of a single wire. The production process differs only by the fact that there is no stranding.  PC wire is used as a reinforcement of concrete railroad tiles and can be supplied in coils or pre cut  and threaded bars. In this case as well the heat treatment is performed by an induction furnace that can be sized up to 650 kW in power.

PC wires lines can be supplied with horizontal axis pulling capstans that can be equipped also with an automatic threading device or with vertical axis capstans.

Cold rolling lines:

The cold rolling lines are used to process low carbon indented wires that are mainly used as rebar or into welded wire mesh for construction. Our cold rolling lines are designed for the highest possible performance and are equipped with either one, two or three horizontal axis drawing capstans. The wire is generally not reduced in diameter with dies but with rolling cassettes that also indent the wire with the desired pattern.

The cold rolling lines can be combined with a in line straightening and cutting machine or with a vertical or horizontal spooler.