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NEW PRODUCT ADDITION - Wire drawing dies and lubricants

WPM Trading is happy to inform that in the next weeks it will be able to offer in addition to its product range also wire drawing lubricants and dies. WPM has selected prime suppliers for innovative and high performance wire drawing dies designs and innovative wire drawing lubricants suitable for low, medium and high carbon applications to be distributed in the GCC area.

Please check back with us in the next days for more details as we are preparing the new web pages with all the details on these products.

WPM trading is now the one stop company in the GCC for all you needs in steel wire manufacturing:

  • production machinery
  • lubes
  • dies and TC rolls
  • process optimization consulting
  • auxiliaries and spools
  • pointers and welders

Rolls for cold rolling lines

WPM Trading sells rolls for cold rolling lines at very competitive prices.

The rolls are made of TC and machined to the highest standards. The rolls can be customized with the company initials.

Send us your inquiry and you will be surprised by how competitive can be our offer!

e-mail: wpm@wpm-trading.com



SQUARE Twisted wire

We have designed a high speed rotating die box that can reach 15000 rpm. The unit can be mounted on any wire drawing machine to replace the standard die-box. This unit allows to make square twisted wire for twisted nails or other products that may need square twisted wire. Wire diameter range is from 2 to 4.5 mm. The speed of the rotating die box is synchronized with the wire drawing machine speed in order to obtain a very precise pitch. Please send us your inquiry.

Wire cleaning units

Problems with dirty wire after your wire drawing machine?

We have a simple solution that can solve your problem. If you are using a sodium based lubricant our very simple and efficient unit can remove 90% of the residuals even at a speed of 20 m/sec. The unit can work with steam or hot water and is composed of a 2 meter long pipe equipped with high pressure spray nozzles, spiral brushes and air wipes. Steam consumption is 100 Kg of steam per hour, hot water can be circulated and renewed regularly, with average consumption of 50 liters per hour. Prices start from 8500 Euro/unit.


Galvanizing line sinkers

WPM can supply a wide range of galvanizing line ceramic sinkers at extremely competitive prices. The sinkers are made of ceramic material and can be supplied with pitch and width as per customer request. Please send us your enquiry.

Representatives required!

WPM Trading FZE is looking for new representatives in various areas of the world.

If you are in the steel wire business and would like to represent us in your area please send us a message with your presentation letter.

NEW!!! Coil packing machines

We have added a coil wrapping and packing machine to our machinery range.  Our machine can double wrap in paper or/and PE film any type of steel wire coil. Particularily suitable for PC strand coils, PC wire coils or any wire coils made with collapsible spools.